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  • Pregnancy confirmation visit includes:

  • Ultrasound* - particularly for patients who are unsure of last menstrual period date or who have had a history of miscarriage
  • Doctor visit to discuss ultrasound findings
  • OB work-up, if necessary
  • Doctor will do a pap smear (if needed) and physical exam

  • OB work-up orders will be given
  • You will also be given orders for your Penta Screen which tests for Down syndrome, NTD, and Trisomy 18.  Please know that you may decline this test if you wish

  • Doctor visit
  • Review Labs and Penta Results

  • Anatomy Scan U/S* (18-21 weeks) (Must be scheduled in addition to office visit)
  • Doctor visit

  • Doctor visit
  • ​1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test* (24-28 weeks) order OR 4 hour GTT if you have a personal or family history of diabetes
  • CBC lab orders

  • Doctor visit
  • RhoGAM work-up and injections (if Rh negative)

  • Doctor visit

  • Doctor visit
  • Group Beta Strep Culture* (36 weeks)
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (if needed)

  • Doctor visit

  • Doctor visit

  • Doctor visit with Cervical Exam

  • Doctor visit with Cervical Exam

  • Doctor visit with Cervical Exam

Normal Pregnancy Visit Schedule

This schedule is the typical routine pregnancy calendar and what will be done at each prenatal visit.