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Prenatal Classes

Dr. Tydings has always been an advocate for prenatal education. He has been giving free prenatal classes since he arrived in Covington in 1980. These in-depth and personal classes consist of 4-1 hour sessions held on the First Monday of every month. Some of the topics that are discussed are:

  • What to expect during normal labor and delivery.

  • What to expect if you will be having a caesarean section.

  • Different test that can be preformed for fetal well-being.

  • Complications that may arise during pregnancy.

Patients are encouraged to come to these sessions and we welcome you to bring along your family and friends. This one hour class is dedicated for 1 on 1 teaching without any distractions of the clinic or phones since it is held after hours. This is also a great way to get to know Dr. Tydings and ask questions; specifically about concerns you may have. Dr. Tydings especially encourages first time moms to attend, as he has found that first time moms usually do better during delivery as the level of fear and anxiety of what to expect is reduced by the information he has presented and discussed in these classes.

As Dr. Tydings always says, “You come to my classes and I’ll come to your delivery.”